A Day in the Life of a Digital Strategist: Insights from an Expert


Whether you’re a seasoned digital marketer or a newcomer to the field, it’s always fascinating to learn about other professionals’ journeys and experiences within the industry. One such professional shared in-depth insights about their role as a digital strategist for the past few years at a pharmaceutical agency.

Digital strategists vary in expertise, but an essential question that most grapple with is: ‘Why be a digital strategist and not just a general strategist that works across a large spectrum of channels?’ This question highlights the necessity and importance of digital strategy in today’s marketplace. As this expert confesses, the move toward digital strategy in their agency was born out of a preference to branch out and use non-digital channels; however, the emphasis remained on digital tactics, hence the title ‘digital strategist.’

One of the most daunting concerns when working with clients is how much context strategists have to develop a comprehensive communication strategy. Some think that client-side strategists have better insights, but the opposite can be true.

On Digital Strategy

Agency strategists often seek more information and context from clients as they generally operate on assumptions. In this case, the strategist found themselves partially embedded in the clients’ marketing team but admitted that they did not always have all the metrics at hand, primarily relying on decks from clients for additional insights. There can be different perspectives on the effectiveness of various marketing channels.

For instance, a practitioner who previously spent approximately $400,000 annually on Facebook advertising noted a significant reduction in allocated budget and the decision to channel funds into outdoor advertising due to better results. This raises valid questions about the effectiveness and applicability of certain platforms based on specific target audiences. The priority list for a digital strategist includes several significant activities. One such activity worth highlighting is keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and practices.

Checking resources such as Moz, attending webinars, or listening to podcasts such as Hidden Brain and 99% Invisible are some of the ways to do this. Also, reading reputable newspapers such as the New York Times or Wall Street Journal regularly can stimulate fresh ideas. A common question from beginners in the digital marketing field, especially those getting into biddable media, revolves around what they should focus on. While it’s easy to get consumed with learning the ‘how’ initially, focusing on the ‘why’ is equally if not more critical.

Understanding the purpose behind actions can set you apart from the crowd. As for educational background, the path to digital strategy varies widely among professionals. Some professionals may come from a field entirely unrelated to digital media or advertising. The rule of thumb for anyone wishing to break into the field is to nurture an enthusiastic willingness to learn and adapt.

In conclusion, a digital strategist wears many hats. They are planners, campaign managers, trend analyzers, and advisors all rolled into one. It’s a rewarding field, and as our expert puts it on their role, they ‘love their job,’ a sentiment likely echoed by many in the industry.

It’s a multifaceted role that requires tenacity, adaptability, and a deep understanding of the digital space. It’s a rewarding field, and as our expert puts it on their role, they ‘love their job,’ a sentiment likely echoed by many in the industry.

On Digital Strategy

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