RM300 for 20,000 Facebook Page Likes…But Back In 2013!

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Does anyone here spend a significant amount per month on digital ads? (Eg Google / Facebook ads)…I’ll like to compare notes on how inflation (or ad rate increases) has affected the price of online reach and exposure over the years. 

There was a time when I gifted a certain model/influencer RM300 in Facebook Ads for her birthday…it took her Facebook Page from 20,000 likes to more than double to 40,000+ likes in barely a few months. That’s less than RM0.01 per like! However this was back in 2013…results like this in recent years simply aren’t possible.”

Josh Lim

Using even the best Facebook ad optimisation and engagement tactics nowadays you’re unlikely to get such good results, most people report between RM0.40-RM1.20 per like by my estimation in the years past 2020.

How much does it cost to be one of the top 10 websites in Malaysia?

On a seperate note, to become one of the top 10 websites in Malaysia (and still is), it “only” costed RM15,000 in Google ads every 3-4 days (yes, that amount was spent every 3-4 days) for a client I worked on before, but then again, this was also more then 10 years ago, earlier than 2010.

Now if you spent that same amount nowadays, there’s no way to achieve results as impressive. Overall I’m looking to see what the overall cost or purchasing attention has risen over the years, and if anything, what can be done about it (and perhaps if someone can englighten me how it might be affected by the USD too).

Do comment if you have any feedback to add, would love to hear from you. As a digital strategist by profession, I’m looking to use these findings to help my clients further as well as share insights once I’ve more points of data to refer to. 

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