I Got Over 99+ People To Try Uber & Made Over $1500 In Free Ride Credit


Back when Uber first launched in Malaysia, I got to attend their launch party and was one of the first few to take an actual Uber ride (it was after the party of course). I noticed that they had a very unique referral system that enabled me get free rides, so I did my best. I didn’t think I’ll manage to get over 99+ people to sign up, but I did after a few months!

However, it was hard sometimes to convince people, and I worked to break down resistance:

  1. People didn’t know at first that they could use a debit card, not necessarily a credit card.
  2. Most people had a hard time believing their first ride was free.
  3. Some people shared *my* promo code with others because they didn’t know about their own personal promo code
  4. I eventually made thousands of ringgit worth of ride credit.
  5. It got harder over time, because Uber removed the feature that you could see who signed up but not yet taken their first ride (that way you could message the friend who signed up and gently convince them to take their first ride)

Eventually, the Uber Malaysia team told me that the users I had signed up took the most rides in the whole of the Klang Valley area in Malaysia.

That meant I had managed to recruit the most engaged users that used the service most often. I still find this pretty interesting as a case study (that started as a for fun thing), into how particular influencers or “super-consumers” can be particularly powerful in terms of getting other users to purchase, engage, or behave a certain way.

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