From Legally Blind To Beyond 20/20 Eyesight: 11 Years Later, No Regrets Doing LASIK Eye Surgery


At more than 11 years ago in January 2013, I am probably the first “influencer” who underwent sponsored LASIK surgery. To be honest I was a bit hesitant at first.

After all what if something goes wrong.

It’s my eyes. I took some time to get a doctor I was comfortable with.

The fact that Optimax was also the market leader in the space was very comforting.

So, a measurement of 20/40 vision typically meansĀ an individual can only clearly see objects from 20 feet away that someone with healthy vision would be able to see from 40 feet away. Generally speaking, the larger the second number of the fraction is, the less clear your distance vision is.

And yes, I now have 20/40 vision.

I still have astigmatism though, can’t fix that.

Here’s what you’ll probably like to know:

  • No, I don’t get dry eyes.
  • I still wear spectacles out of habit, but more for the blue light blocking feature.
  • My vision gets slightly blurry (comparatively) at night, but that’s normal enough and it’s more of the astigmatism than anything.
  • I know I was supposed to but I didn’t wear the eye mask or apply eye drops or anything simply because there was no issues.
  • The sharpness of vision hasn’t worn off at all…for me. I understand that some that did LASIK, their vision gets blurry over time.

Overall, no regrets. It was life-changing going from legally blind to having laser-sharp vision.

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