Insights from a Successful Conversion Copywriter Who’s Worked With Over 100 Startups


Ever wondered how to succeed in the dynamic and challenging world of conversion copywriting, especially in the high-stakes, fast-paced terrain of startups? I recently came across a fascinating Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) post with an experienced practitioner who has worked with over 100 startups, Alex Napier Holland – including big names like Adobe and Salesforce. Here’s what I picked up from the in-depth discussion:

  1. Our expert began his career as a journalist after university
  2. Moved into enterprise sales in his twenties
  3. Transitioned to marketing in his early thirties
  4. Became a freelance conversion copywriter at 33.

These unconventional career shifts have furnished him with a broad perspective, informed by experiences in multiple fields. He revealed that he charges $5.5k USD for a landing page and uses Figma for wireframing and delivering design-ready monochrome mockups.Utilizing Figma has revolutionized his workflow, demonstrating the importance of integrating the right tech tools into your process. The discussion sparked many questions from curious writers, some of which are particularly insightful.

The first query delving into how far the wireframe designs go and whether they include mock-up graphics. The majority of the expert’s clients are B2B SaaS. However, he’s also worked in the clean energy and autonomous vehicle sectors. He shared that he not only creates wireframe designs but also provides detailed mock-up graphics to give his clients an accurate picture of the final site.

When asked by a user “what’s the biggest difference between writing B2B and B2C?”, Alex responded:

  1. B2B is typically multi-stakeholder. We don’t just sell to the end-user – there are countless other people that we have to win over.
  2. End-user – sell the user experience.
  3. Management – sell tactical benefits (eg. spot problems).
  4. Finance – sell flexible pricing options.
  5. IT – sell integrations and compliance with data laws
  6. Legal – sell compliance with financial/data/legal frameworks.

The second question touched on client sourcing, to which the expert responded that most of Alex’s clientele are from California, London, Sydney & Singapore. It reaffirms that, as a freelancer, your network is a remarkably vital resource. When asked for advice for copywriters looking to upskill, Alex stressed the importance of practical experience. Learning new skills is crucial, but understanding the context in which these skills are used is equally important.

In addressing questions about landing page structures, evaluating and improving underperforming landing pages, the expert acknowledged that while there are standard structures that he follows, each project demands a nuanced approach and sometimes requires creative problem-solving. The discussion also examined the importance of the often overlooked art of ‘speaking tech’. Copywriters, especially in the SaaS/tech domain, stood to gain from developing their hard tech skills and adopting a tech mindset. This doesn’t necessarily require a tech background, the expert described, but merely educating oneself and becoming comfortable with tech parlance can go a long way.

Finally, when asked about his top 3 elements for converting a B2B landing page, the expert listed them as:

  1. Having compelling lead magnets
  2. Carefully researched messaging
  3. …And a seamless UI/UX

The Reddit discussion was brimming with actionable insights for budding and seasoned copywriters alike. Whether it’s understanding the importance of calculating your worth (or the worth of your copy), developing a well-rounded network, or recognizing the need to continuously upskill, there’s certainly plenty to learn from the journey of this experienced conversion copywriter.

Oh, and one last thing…Alex has just launched, which is a Figma landing page kit especially for copywriters. So you can not only write, it makes it easier for you to build high performing websites as well for your clients. Go check it out! We here at will have a promo code for you soon.

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